Jaidinger Manufacturing has tooling for standard “L” brackets for three mounting size switches of 3/16″, 1/4″ and 3/8″.  Our in-house tool room capabilities permit substantial savings.  We produce brackets of various lengths from stocks of the same width.  We can also custom manufacture “U”, adjustable or swing brackets for little or no tooling cost. Switches can be supplied with pressure plates, twin nuts or screws.

PUSH BUTTON, SNAP-ACTION and THERMAL TIME DELAY SWITCHES Custom manufactured at prices competitive with, or lower than, stock switches.

Push Button Switches are custom manufactured momentary action, single to multiple button switches may be ordered.  When specifying for your application, provide mounting centers and contact configuration.  Capabilities include micro amps to 10 amps, snap-action contacts also available.

Snap-Action Switches are provided as fast make and break action in two sizes- 1/4″ and 3/8″ mounting centers.  Available as N.C., N.O. form C and multiple pole.  Jaidinger Mfg can design these switches to snap-over and hold position, or snap-over and spring return; or integrate snap-action contacts with wipe action contacts.  Small and large switches can be combined with other Leaf Switchcomponents.  Current carrying capacity, micro amps to 5 amps for the small snap-action switch and up to 15 amps for the large snap-action switch.  Contact diameters are .125″ and .187″ silver and silver cad-oxide.  Palladium and gold alloy cross bar contacts available for dry circuit applications.  Switches are available with solder terminals, quick connect and printed circuit lugs.  Contact forms are: SPST (N.O.), SPST (N.C.), SPDT and DPDT.

Thermal Time Delay Switches feature snap-action contacts N.C. wire wound heater on bi-metal.  Load capacities are 1000w and 2000w.  Primary application is to be used in conjunction with a photo-cell for controlling street and yard lights.